Aviatrix 1win - a new generation crash game

In recent years, the 1win casino has been the first to publish the latest innovations in the iGaming sector. The well-respected gambling club managed to excel this time as well. The crash game Aviatrix will soon blow up the ratings of authoritative publications.

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aviatrix 1win crash game


  1. ⚡ What is the essence of the crash game Aviatrix?
  2. 📌 Why experience points are needed
  3. 💡 Loyalty program and cashback
  4. 🔸 How to win at Aviatrix
  5. 💵 How to withdraw money from Aviatrix in 1win

aviatrix crash game

What is the essence of the crash game Aviatrix?

The gameplay of Aviatrix 1win may resemble other crash games. However, certain unique features set it apart. The player, acting as a casino client, needs to closely monitor the flight path of the aircraft and promptly settle any active bets before the plane crashes. If they fail to do so, the funds will go to the casino.

When playing for money, the basic principles remain unchanged. The player can place either one or two bets without any restrictions on their size. The bets can range from a few thousand coins to 5-10 credits, as they can vary or be the same amount.

Aviatrix developers offer another innovative feature. Now in the crash game, you can get bonuses for your bets. The user earns a handicap due to activity. In addition, each casino client receives the right to design their flying machine in the NFT format.

You can create an airplane in a gambling game immediately after the first real money bet. The gambler chooses the name of the vessel and the color scheme. In the future, the user can change the structural details. If a beginner starts flying on a plane with weak features, a VIP player sits at the helm of a real airliner.

aviatrix experience points

Why experience points are needed

Each player in the casino 1win has an account on the official website. You have to register another profile within the Aviatrix system. An account is required to accumulate experience points.

In Aviatrix 1win, rating points serve several purposes:

🔮 Platform 1win
📅 Release date 2022
🎮 Game type Crash Game
💡 RTP 97%
🎁 Bonuses Tournaments every 24 hours
📉 Minimum bet 0.10$
📈 Maximum bet 200$
💻 Supported OS PC, mobile and tablet devices

aviatrix cashback

Loyalty program and cashback

The system of personal privileges includes more than 10 levels and allows you to play Aviatrix with a handicap. Each one opens a new network of aircraft, which require real money and loyalty points to upgrade. Inside Aviatrix itself, a tournament takes place every 24 hours, and the status of the casino client directly determines the prospects in this air battle.

All gamblers who have made at least one bet for money can enter the first part of the tournament. At the end of this stage, 25% of the participants are selected. This number includes players who have made bets for the maximum possible amount. High rollers get an obvious advantage, but this does not mean that it is the gambler with a tightly packed wallet who will win the final battle.

In the second part of the competition, the prize fund of 1000 euros is distributed among several participants. The amount of bets does not matter at this point. The payout of 700 euros goes to a player whose plane has earned more experience points. Regular customers can spend money in the first stage, and in the second stage, they can more than recoup the initial costs due to their activity in the past few days.

1win casino gamblers can create several planes and enter the tournament 2-3 times per day. To withdraw the next win, the player needs to have time to get the last one. Otherwise, the system will choose the largest payout and cancel the rest.

how to win at aviatrix

How to win at Aviatrix

There are many ways to receive real-money payments in Aviatrix. Players go in several ways:

  1. 1win casino visitors can be cautious about the strategy with minimum bets. The user places a bet for several credits and closes it after the start of the round. You can also create two bids at once. The probability of the plane crashing in the first seconds is practically zero.
  2. Earn in daily tournaments. To do this, you need to adhere to the high roller tactics. Users who are willing to spend 1000 credits can not only earn money in the basic game but also get several hundred euros for free the very next day. The plane takes off, increases the multiplier, but at the same time adds points to the standings. The meaning of the game is not in a one-time risk, but in regular attempts to get to the top odds.
  3. The gambler gets access to the statistics of other players. This helps predict when the next odds will be more than x200. This happens every two to three hours.

The provider on the 1win platform offers Aviatrix in two modes. The user can play the demo version without restrictions and test different strategies. This is the best way to minimize risks and turn an open deposit into a large payout.

aviatrix 1win withdraw money

How to withdraw money from Aviatrix in 1win

The size of the prize is unpredictable. The random number generator can give a multiplier of more than x300 in one round. Further, it all depends on the level of risk that the user is willing to take.

The money won on Aviatrix flights is transferred to the wallet of the 1win casino account. The operator offers customers loyal conditions. The cash desk works around the clock, and there is no need for additional verification of the player's account.

Users can bet on Aviatrix with fiat currency and digital coins. To apply for a withdrawal, you need to fill out a personal questionnaire, link a cryptocurrency exchange wallet or indicate the number and three-digit code of a bank card.

The 1win casino usually transfers large payouts in several installments. The cash desk pays money from the details of different persons to protect the bank client's account from unnecessary checks and speed up the processing of the payment as much as possible.

How to play Aviatrix at 1win?

  1. Register at the gaming club. 
  2. Make a deposit via the "Deposit" tab. 
  3. Get a welcome bonus of 500%. 
  4. Find Aviatrix in the gallery. 
  5. Click on the splash screen to launch.
Who developed the game Aviatrix?
The game was created by the developer of the same name. A new crash slot was introduced in 2022 by Aviatrix.
What are the features of the game?
The main feature of Aviatrix is blockchain technology. Operators have implemented their own tokens in the game, rewards in the form of NFT. Among other things, players can create and improve their own aircraft in the game.
How to earn in Aviatrix?
To win, you need to withdraw your bet before the end of the round. You should use proven strategies and bonus features to achieve the best results.
What bonuses are available in the game?
To get daily bonuses in the game, create your own plane and bet with it. With him you can also participate in regular tournaments with a large prize pool.
How to withdraw my winnings?
You can withdraw your winnings through your personal casino cabinet. Open the "Withdrawal" section, select the appropriate payment method, specify the amount and account number. After confirmation, the application will go into processing.